Transmission Line Survey

STFD is among quality services providers for transmission line survey companies in India.

Surveying is an important aspect of transmission line due to the following:

The objective is to optimize the cost of transmission line based on following considerations:

  • Shortest route clearing various objects
  • Minimum number of river crossing towers
  • Accessibility i.e from approachability for construction as well as from law and order point of view.
  • Selection of optimum foundations based on following information
  • Type of soil
  • Type of terrain: Benching and rivetment requirements, requirements of leg extensions
  • Loose hills especially in young Himalayan region, areas prone to landslides
  • Area of submergence as well as prone to river meandering

It helps in ensuring the statutory clearances with respect to following:

  • Power line crossings, Railway crossings, road crossings etc.
  • Clearances from habitation
  • Environmental clearances
  • Minimum forests, minimum forests density
  • Historically important areas and monuments
  • National Parks and wild life sanctuaries

The surveys to collect the above information are carried out progressively at different stages of the project due to various reasons.


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