Construction Material Testing

Soil Test And Foundation Design provides a wide range of construction material testing services utilizing the latest industry standards and cutting edge technology. At STFD, our goal is to deliver to the client a quality product that meets all the intricate plans and specifications prepared by the project design team. Our certified construction inspectors and engineers provide timely observations during the project construction. Our test results are also backed with photographic information of the ongoing construction. Our team of engineers reviews the field results from our construction inspectors and also helps support the construction process by providing engineering recommendations thorough out the construction process.



  • Concrete Testing And Mix Design
  • Cement Test
  • Coarse Aggregate
  • Fine Aggregate
  • Bricks (Clay Or Fly Ash)
  • Precast Concrete Block For Paving
  • Hardened Concrete Cube
  • Earthwork Monitoring And Testing
  • Masonry Special Inspections
  • Structural Steel And Welding
  • Post Tension Observation
  • Rebar Location
  • Construction Specifications Review

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