Soil Test and Foundation Design view professional engineering as a highly skilled and personalized service. As the frontiers of structural engineering advance, our rapidly accumulating resource of knowledge, experience and expertise equip us not only for refined conventional design but also, to investigate, develop and use designs beyond the boundaries of convention. This is our business and passion. The Company had established faith in covering all the complexities and intricacies of structural aspects, and resolving the structural system into an optimized and cost efficient model. Our strength lies in using the state-of-art tools and keeping abreast of the latest technological advances for optimizing both for economy and safety aspects. Our core area of expertise lies in new designs as well as retrofitting and rehabilitation of Reinforced concrete and Steel structures including residential, commercial, malls, retails, multiplexes, institutional, industrial, medical, hospitality, recreational, high-rises, etc.

The Organization had developed a strong culture that emphasized superior technical ability, in field of Structural Engineering. Soil Test and Foundation Design is distinct in designing stable and economical structures without sacrificing architectural intend, aesthetics and functionality. Soil Test and Foundation Design assures the commitments made for time, economy and quality.


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